• Hemp Adventure Belt
  • Hemp belt

Hemp Adventure Belt


  • 100% hemp
  • Internal secret pocket
  • Practical, undetectable zip
  • Strong hemp cord (38mm)
  • Adjustable length with stainless steel D rings
  • Dimension: 125 cm long
  • Earth friendly: biodegradable & recyclable
  • Unique, durable & practical
  • Proudly handcrafted in Italy
  • For the adventure lovers!

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With the Nature Going Smart Hemp Adventure Belt we aimed to transform a simple belt in an unmatchable tool for the travel lovers. Our Italian tailors succeeded to combine the sustainability & strength of the most durable natural fibre known to man, hemp, with a unique secret internal pocket.

Small objects, papers & money can be safely hidden in it. Totally unnoticeable.

Whether your are in the middle of the sukh of Marrakech, the metro of New York or in a crowded train in India, no pickpocket will be able to steal anything from your Hemp Adventure Belt.

Plan your route, keep your belongings safe & enjoy your journey!

Why Nature Going Smart & hemp?

Hemp fibre is natural, extremely strong and durable.

Compared to commonly used materials (cotton and leather), hemp fabrics are stronger and with far less impact on the environment.

Today, cotton crops account for less than 2.5% of cropland worldwide, but use 16% of the world pesticides. In fact, the cotton industry is a big contributor to pesticide, plastic and fertilizer pollution, severely impacting the ecosystems and our lives.

Hemp is by nature extremely resistant to insects and diseases, requiring no chemicals or pesticides for its cultivation. In addition, it grows so fast that no other plants can compete with it, making the use of herbicides pointless.

Also when compared with leather, hemp sustainability is much greater. In fact, animal farming is a big contributor to deforestation and 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions are due to livestock and their by products.

Hemp is an annual plant which grows faster than trees producing way more cellulose in less time.

In fact, hemp can yield 3-8 dry tons of fibre per acre in only 4 months. This is 4 times what an average forest can yield over a period of 20 years.

Encouraging the hemp market means choosing an alternative to deforestation & petro-chemical production, promoting a more conscious approach to limited natural resources & human life.

In today’s society, each act is a vote.

Take care about this planet & never stop exploring it.

We hope you will enjoy our sustainable Hemp Adventure Belts.

Yours in nature,

Viola & Andrea, Nature Going Smart’s founders.

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